Photo Shack

Comprehensive Photo Management

Organize your photos and videos into your own libraries, sub-libraries, and albums without having to duplicate any of them.

Album Organization

Flexible Thumbnail Views

Find your photos in seconds by doing word searches or high-speed visual scans. View your albums' photos in any of 3 thumbnail sizes (small, medium, and large).

Small Thumbnail View
Medium Thumbnail View
Large Thumbnail View

Full-Screen Zoom with Metadata

See your photos in their full resolution with smooth, extended zoom. Display and modify your photos' metadata. And display your photos and videos on a nearby screen, via AirPlay, and share them freely among apps and among friends, colleagues, and clients.

Full Screen View
Metadata View
Photo Info View

Comprehensive Search and Sort

Search and Sort your photos and videos by filename, title, description, keywords, or any of a number of metadata fields.

Search/Sort Dialog

Map and Modify Geolocation

Show geolocation of your photos and change it to whatever you want, or add it if no geolocation was present in your photo metadata.

Mapping Display with Geolocation Modification